Introducing the Female-Founded Factory We Partner With

Introducing the Female-Founded Factory We Partner With

Ivy Marie is proud to partner with Gratitude Kolors, a multi-product factory based in New Delhi, India, because they hold the same values – sustainability, ethics, and quality – to heart as we do. The factory, which specializes in both woven and knit production as well as homeware, is certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard 5.0 and utilizes responsibly sourced and produced materials, like the 100% certified organic cotton used to create our Signature Collection of waffle robe-like rompers and jumpsuits. The factory ensures our products are dyed using low impact, azo free dyes and have a transparent and traceable supply chain – each stakeholder in the chain adheres to high environmental and social standards. Our brand labels are made from 100% organic cotton, and the swing tags are made from 100% recycled paper. Due to their consistently high quality of work, the factory has become a trusted SupplyCompass manufacturing partner.

Gratitude Kolors was founded by Smita Dixit – a fashion expert and environmental activist – in 2018 to empower women in the supply chain through hand embroidery and machine sewing skills training. Dixit currently has 42 employees, of which 55% are women and aims to have the factory run by all women by 2024. To achieve this, the company is training women in various areas – including pattern making, machine handling, store operation, fabric process, production planning, and packing – and encouraging women to take on leadership roles. To support these women even further, Dixit hopes to expand into the handmade category so women can earn additional income from products they are making at home. This includes crochet work, hand embroidery, patch work, craft making, hand printing, paper product, home decor, and more.

Dixit also works to provide educational resources for underprivileged children in her local community. This includes helping to open new schools, running workshops for kids, providing training for teachers, and providing meals, books and uniforms to children in need. Dixit aims to bring education, love, and happiness into these children’s lives.

By choosing to partner with a GOTS certified manufacturer that believes in sustainability and women empowerment, we are able to provide you with guilt-free, high-quality products that are meant to last while helping pave the way for a better life for others.

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