3 Environmental Justice Organizations That Are Changing the World

3 Environmental Justice Organizations That Are Changing the World

Ivy Marie pledges to donate 5% of profits to environmental justice organizations, including National Resources Defense Council (NRDC), Earthjustice, and Intersectional Environmentalist.

NRDC was founded in 1970 by a group of law students and attorneys at the forefront of the environmental movement. The non-for-profit organization uses law, science, and the collective power of the people to tackle the world’s pressing environmental problems from every angle and to protect our treasured lands, waters and imperiled species. They fight for every person’s right to breathe clean air, drink clean water, and live in a healthy, thriving community.

Earthjustice is a premier nonprofit public interest environmental law organization that aims to protect people’s health, to preserve magnificent places and wildlife, to advance clean energy, and to combat climate change. The Earthjustice team, which includes lawyers, legal and research analysts, policy experts, staff scientists, and more, serves hundreds of public-interest clients in the fight for a healthy environment for all. The organization has 14 offices across the nation, which allows them to be on the ground fighting for issues that matter in local communities and achieve results that resonate on a national scale. Achieving greater diversity, inclusion, and equity is inextricably linked to Earthjustice’s mission to protect our planet and defend the rights of all people to a health environment. 

Intersectional Environmentalist is a platform for resources, information, and action steps to support intersectional environmentalism and dismantle systems of oppression in the environmental movement. Intersectional environmentalism, a term largely inspired by Professor Kimberlé Crenshaw and her work with critical race theory, is an inclusive form of environmentalism that advocates for the protection of all people and the planet. It identifies the ways in which injustices affecting marginalized communities and earth are interconnected. Intersectional Environmentalism not only acknowledges these links, but brings them to the forefront of environmental activism without minimizing or silencing overt and discrete forms of oppression.

Ivy Marie is not affiliated in any manner with NRDC, Earthjustice, or Intersectional Environmentalist or any of their programs, projects, or websites. Ivy Marie has chosen to donate to these environmental campaigns and hopes that you will take a moment to take action at their respective websites below to protect our planet and consider supporting them as well.




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